Safety Case Development – Making it Work

The objectives of a Safety Case are to reduce the likelihood of a Major Incident occurring as well as the consequences associated with a Major Incident if it does occur.   There are many pitfalls to be avoided during the development of a Safety Case, but there are also a number of opportunities to embrace the process and in doing so, achieve significant improvement in the operations of the facility.

Lachlan Dreher, along with other risk management and process safety experts, came together in May 2017 to share their observations and experience in managing the operation and process safety risks of hazardous facilities.

During the 60-minute webinar, these panel members addressed how to:

  1. Secure buy in from all stakeholders and evaluate commitment to ensure clearer understanding of hazards and controls across the workforce
  2. Improve resource allocation and develop a comprehensive action plan for various process safety tasks
  3. Design a robust Safety Management System by revisiting the Safety Assessment set-up
  4. Preserve organisational discipline around critical hazard control to maintain consistency of methodologies
  5. Prioritise preventative strategies to reduce common pitfalls in Safety Case development.

To gain a better understanding in how you can make the Safety Case development process work for your facility, download the resources below.



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