Safety Management System Development

A safety management system (SMS) is an overarching system, covering many disciplines and is implemented facility-wide to manage safety at the site.  Safety management systems are mandated for sites that store and handle dangerous goods.

There are a number of SMS models (e.g. AS/NZS 4804:2001, API 9100 (1998)), however the fundamental building blocks for a management system are:

  • Policy
  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Assessing
  • Management review.

R4Risk can perform a SMS gap assessment for facilities with an existing SMS, to identify areas of improvement and serious deficiencies in the system.  A gap assessment will assess how the existing system manages the site’s risks and assess against essential SMS elements.  R4Risk can also assess these typical elements for a site without a formalised SMS, in preparation for SMS development.

R4Risk can assist companies as they develop their SMS, and help tailor the SMS to the size, complexity and associated risks of the facility.  As required, the system can be based on an existing regulatory body model or align to the company’s corporate system, while meeting the relevant regulatory requirements.

R4Risk has assisted in the development and review of safety management systems for several of its clients and is highly experienced in this area.  R4Risk can also assist Major Hazard Facilities prepare a summarisation of their SMS for Safety Case submissions.

Safety management systems can be verified through regular monitoring and audits set in place to review and improve the way the SMS ensures safe operation.  R4Risk are happy to assist clients in setting up audit and monitoring programs.  Companies may also consider R4Risk as an independent auditor to assess specific elements or the SMS as a whole.

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