Quantitative Risk Assessment​

The principals of R4Risk have extensive experience in the field of risk management of major hazard facilities.  Specifically, they have extensive experience in conducting quantitative risk assessment (QRA) for a wide variety of industrial facilities.  The facilities analysed range from bulk storage terminals handling flammable and toxic substances, to petroleum refineries and facilities manufacturing bulk quantities of toxic gases.  Examples of facilities analysed include:

  • Chlorine production and storage facilities
  • Ammonia & ammonium nitrate production and storage facilities
  • Petroleum storage terminals
  • Bulk chemicals storage terminals
  • Petroleum refinery process units (including overall refinery risk profile)
  • Agricultural chemicals manufacturing facility (including chlorine storage and handling)
  • Titanium dioxide pigment manufacturing facility (including chlorine storage and handling)
  • LPG storage and handling facilities
  • LNG storage and handling facilities
  • Wharf operations (including transfer of petroleum and chemical products, LPG, LNG etc.).

The approaches adopted by R4Risk when conducting a QRA ensure that the results of the analysis are in a form that provides the facility operator with an in-depth understanding of the events that are the major drivers of the risk profile for the facility.  This understanding then allows future risk reduction actions to be targeted in the most effective manner possible.

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