Fire System Hydraulic Analysis​

Fire hydrant, monitors, deluge systems and sprinkler systems typically play a major role in the fire protection arrangements for industrial facilities.  When relying on these systems to protect a facility, it is critical to ensure that the fire protection systems meet the performance requirements necessary to manage the fire exposures that the facility faces.  A hydraulic analysis is one method of providing that level of surety of the fire system performance.

R4Risk can apply this analysis to new systems, existing systems, or to proposed modifications to existing systems.

The benefits of this analysis include:

  • Verification of expected system performance
  • Identification of potential system bottlenecks
  • Comparison of alternatives for system improvement
  • Recommendations for system enhancements.

R4Risk’s team have conducted hydraulic analysis on many different types of systems, working closely with clients to optimise the performance of their fire systems, both in terms of pressure loss and fire water wastage, to ensure that the resulting system fully addresses the demands of the fire hazards that are present.

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