Incident Investigation

R4Risk can assist organisations to conduct investigations into incidents and near misses in the workplace.  Involvement of R4Risk’s facilitators makes their extensive experience with and knowledge of technological and management systems available to the investigation.  This enables the investigation to properly identify what really went wrong and subsequently identify the root causes of the incident.

In addition to their knowledge of technological and management systems, the risk management expertise of R4Risk’s facilitators enables them to make sound judgements regarding recommendations for measures to address the incident root causes.  The recommendations will be focused on reducing risk, preventing incident reoccurrence and improve the overall safety performance.  The experience of R4Risk’s facilitators also allows for the identification of situations where tolerance for errors needs to be built into the system.

R4Risk’s facilitators bring true independence to an investigation.  This independence is essential for any company that is serious about the safety of its employees.

The investigation processes that R4Risk employs enables us to identify the relevant factors (and failures) within any organisation that contributed to the incident.  This includes:

  • Equipment
  • Control systems
  • Emergency systems
  • Management systems
  • Human factors
  • Communications
  • Operating practices and procedures
  • Maintenance practices and procedures
  • Organisational culture and pressures
  • Training

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