Hazardous Area Classification​

Proper management of ignition sources is critical in facilities that handle flammable materials or combustible dusts.  The basis of this is the correct classification of hazardous areas and then the correct specification of equipment for operation in each of relevant zones.

A proper Hazardous Area Classification is critical to safety of plant and personnel.  The inappropriate installation of standard industrial electrical devices is a potential source of a major accident.

R4Risk can provide specialist advice in the determination of the hazardous zones for a facility handling flammable liquids, vapours, gases or dusts.  The classifications are performed and documented in accordance with the applicable standards.

As with many risk-related issues, it is preferable to ensure that the Hazardous Area Classification is determined during the design phase of a project.  This enables the arrangement of equipment and instrumentation to be optimised to reduce the overall project cost.  The Hazardous Area Classification must certainly be undertaken prior to selection and installation of electrical instrumentation and equipment.

The failure to conduct the Hazardous Area Classification and electrical equipment specification in a timely manner can result in major costs associated with retro-fitting correctly rated electrical equipment after the facility has been constructed.

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