Process Safety​

Process safety, or Process Safety Management, focuses on preventing catastrophic accidents, particularly fires, explosions and toxic releases associated with the manufacture, storage and use of hazardous chemicals and petroleum products.  It consists of a blend of engineering and management practices designed primarily to maintain plant integrity and prevent the loss of containment of the hazardous materials, or energies associated with the processing and handling of those materials.

Within Australia, process safety is largely controlled through Occupational Health and Safety Acts and regulations pertaining to Dangerous Goods and Major Hazard Facilities.  R4Risk can provide specialist skills in process safety management gained through its extensive experience in assisting clients comply with these regulations.  R4Risk applies best practice techniques to identify process safety hazards, determine the level of consequences, assess the risks through quantitative or qualitative methods and assist you to develop first class process safety management systems to ensure the risk controls remain intact and effective.

R4Risk staff are TUV certified Functional Safety Engineers and able to apply Layers of Protection Analysis / SIL Analysis to determine the required reliability for your safety instrumented systems.

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