LOPA – Managing Hazardous Events

The quarterly newsletter ‘Opportunity’ from the Risk Engineering Society was released in June, and within it, an article written by two of R4Risk’s Principal Risk Consultants – Kate Filippin and Elio Stocco.  Kate and Elio discussed Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and its popular use in assessing whether a hazard is adequately controlled.  The article explores the purpose of LOPA, where it fits into the family of risk assessment tools as well as the steps involved in the LOPA process.

To read the full newsletter and LOPA article, ‘LOPA – Managing Hazardous Events’ (pages 2-3), click here.

To assist those who will be undertaking or facilitating LOPA studies, R4Risk will be running an ‘Introduction to LOPA’ training course in October this year.  The one-day course covers the principles underlying LOPA and its use in risk management for hazardous events.  This includes the identification and assessment of risk management controls and the determination of control adequacy and risk tolerance.

Download the ‘Introduction to LOPA’ training brochure here for more information on the course content and learning outcomes.

To register for ‘Introduction to LOPA’ training, please complete the R4Risk Training Registration Form and email it to [email protected].  For individual training or risk management enquiries, please contact our office.

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