LOPA – What is it and why would I use it

Date presented: 29 September 2020


Brian Cooper (Director and Principal Risk Consultant) hosted a webinar on ‘LOPA – what is it and why would I use it?’

Brian discussed the following topics including:

  • What is LOPA
  • LOPA methodology and terminology
  • Benefits of LOPA
  • When to apply the LOPA technique
  • Potential problems when applying LOPA

Webinar Recording


Traditionally HAZOPs are conducted with the team in the same room. During these unprecedent times, this option is not available. Elio Stocco (Director & Principal Risk Consultant) will present on how to run a successful remote hazard and operability (HAZOP) workshop. In this webinar, the following will be discussed:

  • Recap on main points to achieve HAZOP objectives and outcomes
  • R4Risk process to ensure HAZOP objectives and outcomes are met when participants attend remotely
  • R4Risk experience in facilitating remote workshops.

Presentation Slides