Tianjin Tai Rui Technology visits Australia

This year, R4Risk and SparkSeeker have partnered together, seeking to provide accessible risk management and process safety knowledge in China. The challenge that Chinese industrial companies are facing is how to improve safety awareness, safety culture and safety leadership. It’s a major challenge but, if successful, will have a key contribution to the overall safety performance of Chinese industries.

In August 2018, R4Risk’s director, Lachlan Dreher, alongside SparkSeeker’s co-founder, Michelle Wang had the opportunity to conduct a knowledge sharing workshop with Tianjin Tai Rui Technology, a subsidiary of a company that reports directly to the Ministry of Transport of China. During the workshop, Lachlan discussed some detailed approaches for process safety and risk management. Subsequently, Sparkseeker signed off a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Tai Rui Technology.

Tianjin Tai Rui Technology’s delegation is currently visiting Australia this December and recently visited the R4Risk office to further discuss Tianjin Tai Rui’s challenges and specific requirements. Our discussion included the provision of process safety training, as well as specific technical studies, such as Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and Fire Safety Studies (FSS) and consequence modelling techniques.

R4Risk is excited to see where our partnership with SparkSeeker and Tianjin Tai Rui will lead.

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