Hazards Australasia: Major Incident Control Measures – Ensuring Effectiveness

In 2019, Hazards Australasia took placed in Brisbane on 13 – 14 November 2019. This process safety conference focused on the themes of competency and capability, particularly on how to build competency and organisational capability in your organisation.

R4Risk’s Risk Consultant, Sam Grayson, presented at the Hazards Australasia 2019 conference. Sam’s experience includes quantitative risk assessmentsfire safety studiesconsequence modelling (fire, toxic dispersion and explosion), major hazard incident action plans and bowtie analysis for a range of industries.

In Sam’s presentation, “Major Incident Control Measures – Ensuring Effectiveness”, he discussed the key elements required for ensuring that an effective suite of control measures are in place for a major incident. His presentation included:

  • A systematic approach to ensure appropriate control measures have been identified
  • Discussion on how the control measures selected relate to the concept of reducing risk ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’
  • Relevant industry examples.

If you have any questions regarding Major Incident Control Measures, please contact us to discuss.

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