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2018 – Hazards Australasia (Importance of Effective Emergency Management and Response Strategy)

Major incidents that impact life, the environment and property continue to occur. Historically, these incidents occur at facilities that have inadequate emergency response strategies, which includes poor emergency response procedures.

Elio Stocco (Director and Principal Risk Consultant) presented at the 2018 Hazards Australasia conference in Perth about the Importance of Effective Emergency Management and Response Strategy’. The presentation covered the systematic approach to developing and implementing effective emergency response strategies is presented using relevant industry examples. The approach incorporates the process involved to identify major incidents, the considerations required to develop a company response philosophy and the method employed to prepare and implement emergency response plans. It draws on industry experience gained in developing emergency response plans and scenario-specific contingency pre-plans for different types of major incidents.

The presentation also addressed other key elements required for an effective emergency response strategy. These aspects include assessing the availability and capability of emergency response resources, e.g. people, systems and equipment and the importance of consulting with emergency services authorities on these emergency management strategies.

To read more about the presentation, download the presentation slides here.

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