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2016 - RISK Conference (Using Stability Classes F and G in the Development of Emergency Response Scenario Plans)

There has been much discussion on the selection of suitable weather conditions for the purposes of estimating the impacts of hazardous scenarios such as dispersion of flammable or toxic vapours, with some regulators pushing for the use of “atmospheric stability class G” when conducting this analysis. In this presentation, R4Risk’s Patrick Walker (Senior Risk Consultant) discusses the derivation of atmospheric stability class G and the application of atmospheric stability classes F and G in dispersion modelling of vapour releases for emergency response plans.

Patrick’s presentation discusses how these stability classes are represented in dispersion modelling software. It also provides guidance for the selection of suitable atmospheric stability classes for modelling purposes, to ensure that the selected stability classes are appropriate to the site under analysis, with the aim of avoiding the generation of excessively large effect zones.

Download the presentation slides here to read about Patrick’s presentation in more detail.