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2016 - Hazards Australasia (Assessing the Risks of the “Domino Effect”)

At the 2016 Hazards Australasia conference, Patrick Walker (Senior Risk Consultant) discussed the practicalities of including “domino” or “knock-on” events into quantitative risk assessments (QRAs). Often, risk assessments are focussed on quantifying hazardous events associated with the failure of process equipment, with less attention giving to secondary events that could occur due to the escalation of a primary event. These events could potentially be significantly more hazardous.

In this presentation, Patrick explains the implications of not applying the same rigour in assessing “domino effects” and how this may miss large impacts associated with the secondary events. He then goes on to describe practical approaches for the inclusion of these types of events into a risk assessment.

Download the presentation slides here to read more about suitable approaches for the inclusion of “domino effects” into QRAs.