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2011 - Prosafe (Safety Management at Major Hazard Facilities – Experiences and Observations)

With 20+ years in the field of risk management and process safety, R4Risk’s team has witnessed the effective, and less effective approaches used by major process facilities in demonstrating safe operation to achieve compliance with the applicable regulations.

In this presentation, Lachlan Dreher (Director and Principal Risk Consultant) described the similarities and differences in regulations across the states of Australia, with the expectation that harmonisation in the future would reduce these variations.

He then discussed the application of risk-based approaches, with a focus on the importance of matching the approaches of risk management to the organisation and the issues that it faces.

Lachlan emphasised the point that proper identification of appropriate controls and ongoing management of these controls, is important to enable good risk management into the future.

To read more, download the presentation slides here.