R4Risk Welcomes Samara Smith

R4Risk Welcomes Samara Smith

R4Risk is pleased to welcome Samara Smith to the R4Risk team.

Samara recently joined R4Risk last month. She has completed a Bachelor of Science / Engineering (Honours) at Monash University, where she majored in chemical engineering, atmospheric science and applied mathematics. Prior to starting at R4Risk, Samara completed a ten-week summer vacation program in CSIRO’s mineral resources department and continued working there for a year, on a part-time basis.

Since commencing at R4Risk, Samara has participated in client projects such as toxic vapour dispersion modelling, jet-fire modelling and has attended a HAZOP workshop as a technical scribe. Samara is enjoying working with the R4Risk team in her new role as a Risk Engineer and looks forward to future challenges in process safety and risk management.

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